Sunday August 19, 2018

Our Philosophy

We are captains of our own destiny, creating our own opportunities, limited only by our own willingness to work hard and dream big.

This is truly the pinnacle philosophy of American Classic Agency (ACA). We believe that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in America and that good things should come to those who work hard.

At American Classic, the agent is our priority. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver value products that allow agents to help their customers protect their hard-earned assets and save for future needs.

It’s difficult to find a company as committed to its sales force as ACA. In a time when companies are cutting costs, trimming salaries and eliminating bonuses, ACA is doing the opposite. We not only provide a comprehensive product mix that builds your business, we offer exceptional training, sales support, rewards and compensation.

Join us. We think you’ll agree.