Sunday August 19, 2018


Extraordinary efforts merit extraordinary rewards. That’s why, in addition to generous commissions, American Classic Agency (ACA) offers thousands of incentive dollars every month to top producers and managers.

This performance-based system includes, among others, the following programs:

Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Sales Bonuses

Cash bonuses are earned by individual producers and sales managers based on exceeding sales goals and meeting minimum placement and persistency standards. What’s more, eligible agents have three opportunities to boost monthly income because we award bonuses on three levels: Personal, BaseShop, Builder and/or Hierarchy Production.

Systematic Promotions and Commission Increases

ACA recognizes its top performing sales, recruiting agents and managers with systematic 90 day promotions based on our "Road to The Top" published guidelines.

Sales and Recruiting Contests

Sales and Recruiting Contests that regularly award first-class, luxury vacation packages, iPads and other prizes to our top producers and managers. Past packages include luxury cruises, vacations to Australia, Europe, Bahamas, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, to name just a few.

Agent Recognition Program

Our Agent Recognition Program honors our agents with visible symbols of leadership, including our Classic Club gold and diamond company rings, logo items, lapel pins and other similar tributes to show our appreciation for excellence.